The Antideficiency Act Should Be Ammended Essay

The Antideficiency Act Should Be Ammended Essay

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As an Act that prohibits the appropriation of funds that would incur government compensation or monetary obligation, the Antideficiency Act further prohibits the use of volunteers during a government shutdown. The Act “prohibits federal agencies from obligating or expanding federal funds in advance or in excess of an appropriation, apportionment, or certain administrative subdivision of those funds. The act also prohibits agencies from accepting voluntary services.” During the most recent government shutdown, non-essential federal employees were furloughed as dictated by the Antideficiency Act because the government did not have the proper appropriations to continue funding these programs. The Antideficiency Act should be amended to allow federal employees to work without pay, or volunteer, so that the start-up cost of the government after a government shutdown is not so expensive.
Government shutdowns are predominantly caused by funding gaps. The President and Congress must pass a new appropriations act or continuing resolution for the fiscal year, which begins October 1, for certain agencies and programs to remain functional. When Congress and the President fail to pass a resolution through lack of cooperation by October 1, the government begins a shutdown, or a funding gap. According to the Executive Summary, the Executive Office of the President states that “when there is no appropriation for a particular project or activity, the government is forced to cease that project or activity and to furlough the relevant employees.” Outlined by the Antideficiency Act, nonessential federal employees are barred from going to work, or servicing the government in any capacity. The government passed this act to prohibit any incur of...

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...s to volunteer during a government shutdown.
Considering the last government shutdown and the monetary toll it had on the economy and public, The Antideficiency Act should be amended to prevent such a loss in the future. It is more advantageous to pay the federal employees during a government shutdown than incur a greater obligation of money to appropriate funds to pay them after the government shutdown for compensation. The government ended up recalling many federal employees because their services were needed during the shutdown. It is quite clear that the prohibition of volunteerism during a furlough due to a government shutdown is unreasonable. The Antideficiency Act costs the government and the public an avoidable expense of time and money. The government should revise the Antideficiency Act to allow federal employees volunteer during a government shutdown.

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