Antibiotic Resistance And Antibiotic Therapy Essay

Antibiotic Resistance And Antibiotic Therapy Essay

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1. In healthy premenopausal women (18-55 years old) with a history of recurrent urinary tract infection, how effective is the prophylactic intake of cranberry products (capsules, pills, juice) compared to the prophylactic use of Trimethoprim/Sulfamethoxazole in the prevention of any urinary tract infection within a six to twelve-month period.

2. There are a few significant problems that can be associated with my above stated PICOT question. The first problem is that there is a large population of adult females whose quality of life and state of well-being is largely affected by recurrent urinary tract infections. Recurrent UTI can seem like a minor health issue but it can be very distressing to the patient by causing pain, discomfort, and difficulty in daily activity, which in turn can cause absences from school or work.
The second major problem is antibiotic resistance to prophylactic long-term antibiotic therapy. Although long-term prophylactic antibiotic therapy is commonly recommended and often used in primary care settings, the antibiotic resistant organisms continue to increase. Antibiotic resistance is making a treatment of simple infections like UTI more problematic, creating a bacteria that becomes unresponsive to previously used antibiotics, and resulting in considerable morbidity and in some case mortality. The increase in antibiotic-resistant bacteria and the lack of new antimicrobial agents can result in a global health crisis due to the threat of uncontrollable infections with ineffective current antimicrobial agents. This can lead to a pre-antibiotic era with no cure for a simple infectious disease processes.
The third problem is a financial burden that includes, but is not limited to, numerous health care provid...

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... even daily basis. Moreover, with the expansion of the APRN’s scope-of-practice, extensive education, and experience, the APRN can recognize the issue and lead patient care in the right direction, including education and specialist referrals.
The clinical microbiologist would be the leader for the antibiotic resistance team due to the knowledge of various pathogens, their sensitivity to certain medication, and new research. They would also provide information to the clinical pharmacist in a timely manner for the initiation with effective and focused medical treatment of the infection.
The leader for the financial burden would be the case manager since they are familiar with different financing resources, free clinics, and organizations that provide medication for free or at low cost, for example Schnuck’s free prescription drug program for generic oral antibiotics.

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