Antibiotic Resistance : A Natural Process Of Bacteria Essay

Antibiotic Resistance : A Natural Process Of Bacteria Essay

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Like I have already stated, antibiotic resistance is a natural process of bacteria so there is no real solution but we can defiantly slow it down and let nature take its course. To begin to try and slow down antibiotic resistance we can do several things. We can start with us individuals. By using good hygiene, we can help to prevent the spread of bacteria therefor preventing disease and the need for antibiotics. We can also begin to inform the public more about this issue so they have an understanding as to what’s going on because if you aren’t related to the health field you probably don’t know what antibiotic resistance even is.
As for physicians there is several steps they can take to help slow the process of drug resistance being they are the leaders in helping this cause. Physicians can become more selective when giving out antibiotics and only give them out when they are absolutely needed and not because the patient is begging for them (Spellberg). They can also run more cultures to make sure it is indeed a bacterial infection and not a virus. Most importantly, doctors need to educate their patients about this problem and on the proper use of of antibiotics. Some proper antibiotic use would be to always take the entire prescription, don’t use left over antibiotics, don’t allow family members to use your antibiotics because they fell ill, and do not flush antibiotics down the drain or toilet.
Hospitals also play a large role in drug resistance and can begin taking many steps to lessen this problem. They can start by improving their mechanisms of infection control and by enforcing more regulations such as forcing family members to wear gloves and a gown before entering the room of an infected person. This is recommended b...

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...ork again so he prescribes the child a different antibiotic. The cycle continues until the child grows out of having ear infections. Unfortunately, if that child develops a real sickness like strep throat or a staff infection you are now very limited on what antibiotics will work for that child and he or she will most likely be hospitalized to be given an antibiotic that can only be administered through an intravenous catheter also known as an IV.
In conclusion, antibiotic resistance is growing rapidly and can be deadly. If we don’t get involved and inform others of this issue it will only speed up the resistance process. You might think that you as a single person can’t make a difference but even small changes such as washing your hands more often and waiting out your sickness and not begging your doctor for that antibiotic will eventually play a large role.

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