Essay on Anti Psychotic Medication Non Adherence

Essay on Anti Psychotic Medication Non Adherence

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Anti-psychotic medication non-adherence is characterized as one of the major roadblocks that significantly limit treatment success, particularly among patients diagnosed with schizophrenia (Hui, et al., 2016). Numerous clinical studies on disease management recognized medication nonadherence as a recurrent problem that needs prompt interventions nearly all areas of medicine. A meta-analysis of medication nonadherence conducted by Timmerman, Stronks, Groeneweg and Huygens, (2016) reports an average of 20.6% nonadherence in all aspects of medicine in the United States, with more than half found among schizophrenic patients. Other researchers argue that only one-third of schizophrenia patients maintain complete adherence while others are either partially or fully non adherent (Masand, Roca, Turner and Kane, 2009). The data from different studies suggest nonadherence as an epidemic and a public health concern (Leucht and Heres, 2006; Luga and McGuire, 2014) in schizophrenia disorder management.
Background of the Problem
Following a diagnosis of schizophrenia, clinicians often prescribed psychotropic medication for treatment. Unfortunately, a high percentage of patients are unenthusiastic about taking these medications. Patients’ reluctance to follow prescribed neuroleptic regimen limits proven efficacy of antipsychotic medication and treatment success (Cramer and Rosenhenck, 1998; Hui, et al, 2016). Nonadherence is a precursor to symptoms exacerbation, morbidity, mortality and health care cost (Lacro et. al, 2002).
Medication nonadherence is a continuum concept that cannot be delineate as “all or nothing” situation. A full nonadherence is view as the extreme end of the continuum which represen...

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Problem Statement using PICOT design
Population: Functional adults aged 18- 65, diagnosed with schizophrenia living in the community.
Intervention: Using a multi-faceted intervention- a combination of an automatic medication dispenser (“Med E-lert”) and Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy (CBT).
Comparison: Management of medication with blister-pack (a single intervention) delivery system.
Outcome: Improve medication adherence and reduced hospital readmission rate.
Time: Six months.
For this Evidenced Base Paper (EBP), PICOT Problem question is:
In functional adults aged 18-65 diagnosed with schizophrenia living in the community, how does a combination of an automatic medication dispenser (Med E-lert) and Cognitive Behavioral Group Therapy compared blister-pack medication delivery system affect medication adherence and readmission rate within six month period?

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