Essay on The Anti Propaganda War Against Terrorism

Essay on The Anti Propaganda War Against Terrorism

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In this essay, Michael Apple focuses on the complex patriotic discourses that swept the United States post September 11, 2001. The patriotic zeal, a propaganda war against terrorism, flooded the nation and anyone not exhibiting such sentiments were viewed as non-patriotic, a traitor, and worse, a terrorist. In the aftermath of the horrific act of terrorism, even school children were place on the frontlines of the propaganda war against terrorism through an influx of legislation compelling schools to instill patriotism. The most expected and popular demonstration of patriotism was the call for students to recite the Pledge of Allegiance, salute the flag and sing the national anthem. For the intent of this gloss, I agree with Apple that compulsory forms of patriotism are the antithesis of freedom. They go against the very principles this nation was founded upon. In this paper, I will contest that teaching patriotism creates an issue of legitimacy and makes possible for distorting students’ vision of the country in which we live.
Patriotism is the love and obligation to one’s country that fosters an emotional attachment. This explains why most Americans are overcome with some type of emotion when they hear the national anthem or see old glory waving in the wind. In addition patriotism promotes a sense of belonging and national unity. The danger of such an emotional attachment is that it has the potential to blur the truth and encumber the civic and political judgment of citizens (Hand, 2010).
According to Harry Brighouse (2006), author of On Education, reasons for seeking to promote patriotism include obligation, solidarity, citizenship, and flourishing; however, these are cloaked with issues of legitimacy and distortion. The is...

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...ional anthem and see old glory waving in back drop of the beautiful blue spacious sky, not just because I am a citizen of this nation, but greatly due to the personal sacrifices of my family. My father, a Navy veteran drafted during WWII, my brother, retired Army, Operation Desert Storm veteran, my uncle, Vietnam veteran, my father-in-law, Korean War veteran, my husband, disabled Army veteran, and my son, active duty Army who deployed to both the Iraqi War and Enduring Freedom. Saying this, I love this country, but I cannot dismiss the role the United States has played in creating a volatile atmosphere throughout this nation and the word. The United States is not blameless. In the wake of September 11, 2011, I understand the need to promote unity through patriotic acts, but not at the expense of defying the principles of democracy by enforcing compulsory patriotism.

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