Essay on Anti Oppressive Social Work Practice And Gender Studies

Essay on Anti Oppressive Social Work Practice And Gender Studies

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This week’s readings were very similar to those of women studies. In a way that anti-oppressive social work practice and gender studies involve looking at gender norms and their effects on the societal views. It is society’s way of teaching us what it means to be a man or a woman. Often these are based on mainstream attitudes, they become “taken-for-granted assumptions that uphold white, middle-class, heterosexual and able-bodied families as normative” (Parada, 2009, p. 176). I liked the point brought up by Parada (2009) that anti-oppressive framework must challenge conventional forms of practice and the mainstream conceptualizations that underpin them (p. 175). However, this becomes difficult when assessing neglect and emotional maltreatment as the literature lacks precise definitions. An example discussed in class about making assessments about a mother, recording that laundry was not done as opposed to laundry was put in a pile on the side. It is really important to look at all of the factors involved before many any assumptions. Furthermore, “policies and forms also impose dominant ideas about attachment, child development and acceptable childbearing practices” (Strega, 2009, p. 143). Example: One family may believe in having an open communication with their children is important where as one family may think children should listen to their parent’s opinions.
Practicing anti-oppressively means ending the long history of blaming mothers and other marginalized groups. Parada (2009) believes “instead of concentrating on weakness and problems, agencies might concentrate on resilience and survival skills parents engage in to provide emotional support for their children in difficult circumstances (p. 181). For example: providing su...

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... from the aboriginal fathers of their own personal experiences and their desire to re-invent what it is like to be a dad. They wanted to be more involved with their children, not leave them fatherless like their own fathers had done. The idea that fathering is not innate ability rather it is something that is learnt made me think about my own ideas about fatherhood. As per class discussion investigative the notion that the “child choose you to be there parent” really questions my ideas around practice.
Through the discussions I also learned the ways I can include fathers in child protection practices. First, by acknowledging they exist, plan visits around the time the father and mother will be home. There are many different ways of including them in the child’s life, asking them to write letters or have phone conversations can really help in healing relationships.

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