Essay on The Anti Imperialist Movement Of India

Essay on The Anti Imperialist Movement Of India

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While the linkers described above brought the distant locations together, they sometimes broke the connection between other places. It is evident when the location linker is the anti-imperialism ideology as described by Slate and Putman. The anti-imperialistic struggle in India reinforced by the cooperation between African Americans and the Indians weakened the British control over this colony. In the British Caribbean, the migrating labors and their collective struggle was responded by the local authorities’ race exclusion and labor-market protection laws, which allowed them to strengthen their border control and mobilized mass political and economic support for them. These state-building projects in response to the African-Caribbean labors’ powers nucleated by music and news articles later accelerated the British Caribbean decolonization decades later.
On other occasions, the linkers holding metropole and colonies together ironically disconnect them in the long run as they boost the latter’s nationalism. An empire transports culture, ideology, or knowledge to its colonies hoping that the colonized would become as obedient subjects; thus the metropole can reinforce its control over them. However, when the colonial subjects mastered such knowledge, culture or ideology, they believed that they were equally capable as the colonial officials, bringing them the proud of their origins. Moreover, the colonized adjusted these notions to best serve their communities to show their fit for independence. In the Philippines, the U.S. tutelage of medical practices aimed to train the Filipinos to acquire the American hygienic standards and civilization, thus to facilitate the control of the colony. According to Anderson, some U.S.-trained ind...

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...ect the corresponding set of sources. Even the sources of only one nation or one group of people are available; a transnational study is still possible if the historians could pinpoint the clash between different culture and knowledge in them.
While the non-human objects facilitate the communications either between metropole and colonies or among states, they sometimes also break down such connections. In most situations, the empires’ culture and knowledge transferred to their colonies were adopted and modified by the indigenous subjects, raising nationalism among the colonized and resulting in the collapse of empires. It is also interesting to notice that physical science, which can defy political and cultural barriers among states to exert its influence on people living far away from each other, can privilege some people from their neighbors in the same location.

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