Essay on Anti Immigrant Sentiment : America Is The Nation Of Immigrants

Essay on Anti Immigrant Sentiment : America Is The Nation Of Immigrants

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Anti- Immigrant Sentiment
America is the nation of immigrants. It is the place where different cultures converge, and also call home. Anti-immigrant hysteria took many forms, including anxiety that the newcomers would not assimilate because they spoke different languages, practiced different religions, had different customs, were not white in the taxonomy of the day, and possessed divided loyalties. In America many immigrant are becoming leaders. However, America also known as anti-immigrant which made the immigration system to become extremely hard for immigrants. For instance, it takes a very long time to qualify for green card. There are likely several causes for people who are anti-immigrant.
First, racism plays a big role when it comes to anti-immigrant feeling. Since the era of slavery, there has been racism between white and non-white in America. In his essay “Stephen H. Legomsky” reports that racism is in our mind. No one will let people take their prosperous away from them (109). In the “Black Table” essay, Graham was angry that there was a black table he blames the students for seating in the same area. After, he realized there was also other race that did the same thing. Racism its discrimination against someone of a different race based on their belief that their race is superior. America tend to hold themselves higher than any if not, all countries. So when an individual that comes from another country comes to America, they will experience racism from some Americans. Also another reason why some immigrants are experiencing racism is that due to the large demographic change, especially in Hispanics, some American believes that the demographic in America will be more Hispanics than American. Another way of racism...

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...not pay taxes to the government, the rest of the population are held responsible to pay for their social services. And those that are held responsible may think it’s unfair for them to do so, since they have their own families to care for. Also, the government may increase the taxes in order to provide for the families of the illegal immigrants. Base on the sources that I have read about immigration law, the government has a lot of changes to make before the whole situation created big impacts in the society.
Although American is a nation of immigrants, on the other hand it is also known as anti-immigrant sentiment, since the historical of the United States the country was built by immigrants. Some of those causes that has contributed to anti-immigrants are racism, and fear of crime. The government supposed to make some changes when it comes to immigration regulation

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