Essay on Anti Gun Control Laws And The Freedom Of Speech, Assembly, And Worship

Essay on Anti Gun Control Laws And The Freedom Of Speech, Assembly, And Worship

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America is well known for one of it’s names “The Land of The Free,” well, what does this mean to many people? America is viewed by other countries as a free country, free to express your own religion, create your own business and to voice your own opinion to some length. This is all possible because of the adaption of the 10 commandments. Under the Bill Of Right, the first ten amendments to the US Constitution was ratified in the 1700s, and guarantee such rights as the freedoms of speech, assembly, and worship. However, there seems to be an issue with one of the Amendments, which is causing an uproar in today’s society as many people are fighting to enforce stricter laws, and on the other hand, those who oppose the idea of a stricter law. The Right to Bear Arms or Amendment II, is the root of all this uproar in many states throughout America; as many anti-gun activists protect the illegalization on guns. Governments have implied Gun Control laws to help the issue at hand but also raises questions, “Is it really helping?” Not surprised that this question is being asked with all the violent events that are occurring throughout America. Well, we could debate yes or no on the idea that we need to enact stricter laws on the second amendment all day long. Before we do so, let’s take a few minutes to figure out if there’s any problem with guns in the United States, what are gun control laws and if there is a problem associated with these laws.
Is there a problem with guns in the United States?
Let’s start off by showing those who oppose stricter laws on guns that there is a problem in our country. For those who support the NRA (National Rifle Association), would argue that there is nothing wrong with the laws we have nor do we have a pr...

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...ericans who are not supposed to have one can only lead to a negative outcome. It may not be now or tomorrow but sadly, there will be a time when these person would rock a community with that weapon. Even with the current gun control laws, they are not effective in keeping these weapons out of the hands of these people, including the mentally ill. Those who are ill tend to snap at any giving moment, and could get access to guns in states without strict gun laws. We need to stop those who are unfit to wield such weapon or face history repeating itself as we sit and hope things will change. Just by looking to see if there’s any problem with guns in the United States, even to understand what is gun control and the problem associated with these laws, will give a person a better understanding and look at the overall issue that is happening across our country.

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