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Anti-Finger Smudge Coating Essay

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Our design project is over anti-finger smudge technology. This technology has been a major subject of research with the advent of hand-held, touch screen devices such as phones and tablets. Anyone who has held a mobile phone or handheld game knows that in a short period of time, the glass display becomes visibly dirty without anti-smudge coatings. Unwanted finger print smudges on touch screen surfaces significantly reduces the performance and utility of the device, as well as the quality of the image and the enjoyment of the user.
Smudges are composites of materials resulting from contact with human skin and from being stored in pockets. The goal of anti-finger smudge technology is to minimize and/or eliminate finger smudges on touch screens, making them easier and more enjoyable to use. Another unexpected but beneficial effect of the anti-fingerprint smudge coatings is that because they are easy to clean, they are less likely to harbor bacteria and other pathogens, thus inhibiting the spread of disease. Anti-reflective coatings are very popular today because they enhance the contrast of high resolution displays, but an unfortunate side effect of their usage in touch applications is that fingerprints are especially visible on the surface of such low-reflective screens.
Current anti-finger smudging technology typically involves a clear screen or film often applied using vacuum suction. These coverings are hydrophobic, oleophobic and lipophobic in nature, which discourages the buildup of oily fingerprints and smudges. Another method of reducing fingerprints and smudges is to use chemical structures that increase surface tension, thereby spreading oily deposits on contact. Rather than b...

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