The Anti Fat Attitudes And The Low Fat Era Essay

The Anti Fat Attitudes And The Low Fat Era Essay

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The anti-fat attitudes and the 'low-fat era ' that has been circling our societies for the last few decades has influenced us into believing that fat is the biggest enemy and causer of health-related diseases. Instead of further research, American 's instantly jumped on the anti-fat bandwagon and began cutting out saturated fats at the end of the 20th century. The problem with this was that with food now being low in saturated fats, food such as typical family roasts now no longer consisted of a leg of lamb on a Sunday night. People began to feel the effect of these new low fat, and honestly unappetising meals that were beginning to be sold. This wasn 't the real issue though, obviously it was bound to happen; the real issue was simply hiding, waiting to leap into the now bland food and make it taste good again, while many believed that reducing fat intake would solve or at least help reduce the rising epidemic of obesity; they were wrong. What America and many other countries failed to realise was that sugar would eventually cause the percentage of health diseases such as: obesity, heart disease, type two diabetes and even death; which today are now shooting through the roof. Modern day statistics for these diseases have never been any higher, with worldwide obesity rates doubling since 1980.

Even after decades of research being revealed to show that sugar is the primary cause of health diseases, many are still getting so hung up around the entire media-spun propaganda of low-fat food, and dieting that they often overlook sugar and its sneaky ability to get into all the food we consume. The sugar industry has built a multi-billion dollar empire around us, and therefore to continue making huge amounts of profits they must make...

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...inite solution, but being able to ideally have more jobs available in our economy, and increased funding to charities like the New Zealand Red Cross could be a big step in reducing both poverty and its partner in crime; the overconsumption of sugar. Because jobs provide incomes, and income allows the 25% of children currently living in poverty to not have to live off unhealthy, sugar ingrained foods. Because income matters, and if we want to start seeing a change, then hopefully the government can start addressing the issue of poverty, of the overconsumption of sugar by making a step in the right direction such as providing more jobs. Perhaps the millions of dollars which goes towards the healthcare for sugar-related complications like dialysis each year could instead be used to stop the overconsumption of sugar 's impact on our health all together. Now imagine that.

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