The Anti Defamation League Racism Essay

The Anti Defamation League Racism Essay

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To start with, set in the 1960s this movie wouldn 't be depicting the south if it didn 't include the racial social problem. According to The Anti-Defamation League racism is the belief that a particular race is superior or inferior to another, that a person’s social and moral traits are predetermined by his or her inborn biological characteristics. Racism can be subtle , but not okay, or it can be presented in the biggest way possible. You have situations like in the movie where they’re completely unacknowledged like they 're really not present. And details like having to sit the coffee on the table rather than handing it to them just so their hands won 't touch. They could prepare their meals and raise their children but if their skin touched their was a problem. Then on the other hand you have situations where black peoples cars were set on fire for simply going down to the voting station. Today our racial problems aren 't exactly like this but they still exists even though any type of racial violence is completely illegal. At this time in our society we’re having a problem with police brutality against African Americans. They’re killed for doing nothing wrong, hands up, unarmed, in front of their kids. In the movie there was a big outbreak after a man was shot by the KKK in front of his children. Today there 's even been reports of KKK infiltrating the police force so how far has our country really gotten? Not far enough. Our judicial system today is felling us by not prosecuting these officers taking innocent people 's lives. But in the time of this movie there really wasn 't a system in place to help them. They had to fend for themselves and the book they wrote was a way of getting their views out there.
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...expensive. Now people and organizations have scholarships to help those students out but everyone can 't win. There really is not way out for the
In conclusion, The Help had many social problems that we still have today in some way shape or form. Racism showed itself in many different ways. Varying from just being rude and disrespectful to physically hurting or killing someone. Then you have the standard that women are expected to prosper to getting married and having kids not going to school and starting a career. And finally there 's the lack of importance of an education. Providing for the family becomes the most important at some point. All these social problems came together to create an amazing movie. They didn 't leave all the really bad parts out, instead they highlighted them.It showed the truth of the south at this time and that 's why I chose this movie.

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