The Anti Crime Bill And Crime Rates And Help Victims Essay

The Anti Crime Bill And Crime Rates And Help Victims Essay

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Who knew it could be possible to be payed to stay out of prison? The age old saying that crime doesn’t pay could prove to be true in an ironic way, pending a bill being passed by the D.C. Council. According to McDermott (2016), “the D.C. Council gave preliminary approval Tuesday to an anti-crime bill that includes a provision that would pay residents who might commit or become the victims of violent crime to stay out of trouble.” My stance on the proposed anti crime bill is clear. I am whole heartedly for the concept of paying potential criminals to stay crime free.
At first glance, I was astounded that Washington was considering the bill. The proposed plan is named the anti crime bill and its purpose is to lower crime rates and help victims.
The anti crime bill is modelled after a similar plan that took place in Richmond, California. The plan in Richmond, California was purposed by DeVone Boggan. The plan was purposed because Richmond, California had the worst homicide rates in the country. Boggan was approached by consultants who were hired by the city of Richmond to find a solution to the high homicide rate. Boggan’s solution was to identify the most likely criminals or victims and pay them to stay crime free. In conclusion, it is important to note that the plan was successful in Richmond, California, in that it reduced the rates of homicide.
The anti crime bill in Washington D.C was introduced by Council member Kenyan McDuffie and is termed the Neighborhood Engagement Achieves Results Amendment Act (NEAR). Mcduffie purposes a plan that pays 200 residents of Washington who are at risk of committing crimes or being a victim of a violent crime $9,000 a year to stay out of trouble and rehabilitate. The Black Lives Matter movem...

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..., instead of incarcerating these violent offenders, we could pay them to stay crime free.
Secondly it is great for reducing the number of victims of crime. The program also identifies individuals who are at risk of crimes and tries to guide them into the right direction. For example, if you are in a gang and are likely to be shot by a rival gang. The program will pay you to stay out of that lifestyle.

Thirdly, it is beneficial for us Canadian as taxpayers. It is estimated that it costs over $100,000 to lock up a federal prisoner for a year. That is a huge sum of money. If we could rehabilitate the individual at a fraction of the cost, why would we not? It almost seems ingenious.
In conclusion, based on everything that I have researched thus far, I am strongly in favour of implementing the program in Canada because there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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