The Anti Corruption Of Vietnam Essay

The Anti Corruption Of Vietnam Essay

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From Table 2, people can learn that Vietnam’ position in the corruption index system is 112 in the world. Meanwhile, China is ranked as 83. On the scale of 0 (highly corrupt) to 100 (very clean), Vietnam has fairly admitted to having a higher corruption issue than China. However, the corruption index data represents from 2012 to 2015 in Vietnam is the same, which is 31. On the contrary, the corruption index of China seems to be unstable. In these four years, the corruption situation within this country went slightly positive in 2013 yet the performance was not as good as that in the two following years. Since the President of the Republic of China has enacted the anti-corruption campaign from 2012, it is understandable why China could have a slightly positive improvement in 2013. Unfortunately, there could be many different factors affected the anti-corruption campaign, which resulted in the worse corruption rates in 2014 and 2015 compared to 2012.
Regarding Vietnam, the government has soon paid attention to the issue and has well-prepared many solutions. In comparison to other nations in the same area, Vietnam is considered as having a comprehensive anti-corruption authorized framework on paper. In fact, the Vietnamese government firstly introduced Anti- Corruption Law in 2005, and later took on the National Strategy on Anti- Corruption to 2020 (The cost of corruption…, 2014). Furthermore, Vietnam is really active in terms of cooperating with other nations in terms of preventing corruption. In 2012, the 11th dialogue between Vietnam and UK on anticipation and fight against corruption, which also known as “Anti-corruption in localities: Reality and Solution”, was held in Hanoi Capital (2). In 2013, the Government Inspectorate of ...

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...In connection with the luxury brands, it would be safe for them if they can consider and control the number of their subsidiaries, which are going to be operated in the new market.
Finally, in order to conduct a stable business in Vietnam, each brand should have clear and creative marketing strategies and high CSR. Indeed, it is normal for the brands to have marketing strategies to promote sales everywhere they put their foot on. Yet they can enhance those strategies based on national culture and the Vietnamese preferences. Besides, building a good brand image in the impression of the Vietnamese consumers by having high CSR is another way. Since the Vietnamese prefer foreign companies due to their high CSR, the brands can show their high CSR and benefit the national society in many ways. The more good image the brands are, the more they are welcomed by the people.

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