Anti-Bullying Laws and the Just Cause Essay

Anti-Bullying Laws and the Just Cause Essay

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There are plenty of aspects when looking at anti-bullying laws and pieces of legislations that have been enacted around the world. There are currently some states in the United States that have laws against bullying. There are supporters and campaigns being launched every day to bring a stop to bullying in schools. There are many aspects that are involved when trying to enact a law into a state. The essential purpose of the law, the reason why it is being enacted. If the bill is passed, who will it benefit? Followed by the statistics of bullying in the nation. And finally, the potential impact a bill like this would have on schools across the nation. Bullying has been receiving lots of media attention lately some states have been passing legislation on the matter; the purpose of this paper is to see what it is that Anti-Bullying legislation can do.
(PURPOSE) According to Bradshaw, there are many forms of bullying in schools. There is the traditional name calling, verbal abuse. There is also the sudden, and rapid emergence of cyberbullying in schools and children (Bradshaw, 2013, pp. 290). Bradshaw also states, that staff member’s role in anti-bullying prevention efforts, could help in the prevention in bullying in the school environment (Bradshaw, 2013, pp. 280). According to Smith, there is lots of pressure on educators to maintain good behavior among their students, in the school and outside of school. The educators are encouraged to reinforce the ideas of the school on the child, to carry outside of school (Smith, 2012, pp. 49). According to Diamantes, schools have a duty to protect their pupils, yet at the same time a school is not accountable from any rush action taken by a bully or a victim of bullying. (Diamantes, 2010, ...

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... Address Bullying. Education, 133(2).
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