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Anti Asian Racism For Once Essay

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On November 16, I attended the event, “Let’s Talk About Anti-Asian Racism—for Once”. This was an eye-opening experience because not only did I learn about instances in American history when Asians were discriminated against, but I was also able to hear real life stories and thoughts from Asian and Hmong Americans attending UWL. We watched a few short videos before the discussion began and one of them really stuck out to me. The video was of a man named George Takei, who spoke of why he loved the country that betrayed him. He explained how the United States betrayed him and his family with the internment of Japanese Americans after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Takei explained how his family, along with hundreds of thousands of other families were taken from their homes and sent off to a confined prisoner of war camp; their crime was being of Japanese ancestry. Once the war ended, the prisoners were released and given the opportunity to move anywhere in the United States. Japanese families were left in poverty, forcing them to live in poverty stricken neighborhoods. After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Asian Americans faced great hostility from white Americans. Still to this day, many Asians do not feel accepted or welcomed in American society. This topic of racism is significant because it has been a problem in the world for thousands of years and still is a problem in the United States today, not only towards Asian Americans but other ethnic groups as well.
Up until the fifteenth century, individuals were not enslaved because of their skin color or physical appearance, but because of their social and economic status. The Portuguese began to sell African slaves to Europeans in the fifteenth century, resulting in the beginnin...

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...ons from people that experience Asian racism every day of their lives. They also suggested ways for white people to fix the problem and that was to get educated on the topic. Another thing that drew my attention was when a few agreed that they didn’t want white people to get educated on the topic by asking them personal questions about their lives, but by doing research and reading books. They said they did not feel it was their job to educate white people on the problem that they themselves created. This is when I really began to understand the frustration Asian Americans and other ethnic groups are forced to face every day of their lives. I am glad that this is the event I chose to attend because it not only gave me a better understanding of how Asian Americans feel in American society today, but it improved my understanding on the topics we have covered in class.

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