Anthropology : Biological And Behavioral Aspects Of Humans Essay

Anthropology : Biological And Behavioral Aspects Of Humans Essay

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What is an Anthropologist and what is their role? An Anthropologist is someone who practices or studies anthropology, which is the study of humans. In other words, they are people who are trying to understand humans and why they do the things that they do. There are many topics to do with Anthropology that people study such as different tribes around the world or even peoples cultures. The role of an Anthropologist is to study the behaviors and what makes people the way they are around the world, not just the present but the past and future as well. They take a close look at the subfields of Anthropology which are biological, linguistic, and cultural Anthropology, which is the studies of people but it all depends on where they live in the world because every place is different and sees the world differently.
Biological Anthropology is also know as “the physical anthropology, which is a scientific discipline concerned with the biological and behavioral aspects of human beings, hominid ancestors.” What do they do? “There are two primary concept areas that hold Biological Anthropology together are human evolution and human biosocial variation; there are many topics that can be studied within these two concept areas.A career or a day in the life of a Biological Anthropologist would be someone who teaches about it or researches it in a college of some sort. Also could be someone who teaches it in a high school as well. Biological Anthropologists who work with living people might work at medical schools, or might be in departments of physiology, nutrition, or genetics, or programs of physical education or athletics. They also could figure out crimes and what caused a crime or figure out what happened when the crime had happened. Alon...

... middle of paper ... different sub types of anthropologists such as biological, linguistic, and cultural anthropologists that study humans and why we do what we do. Every place in the world is different and people do things very differently. Biological anthropologist study the physical aspect of humans. Linguistic anthropologists study social lives of humans and how they communicate sufficiently. Then there is cultural anthropologists who study the different cultures people are apart of around the world and how they are different world wide. All anthropologists study some form of human activity and why we are the way we are. Not only in the present moment but in the past and are predicting how we will be in the future. Overall, anthropology was started many many years ago and people are still finding out new information about humans everyday which keeps amazing everyone more and more.

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