Anthropological and Sociological Terms and Concepts Essay

Anthropological and Sociological Terms and Concepts Essay

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- A gender role refers to social and behavioral norms that are considered socially appropriate for individuals of a specific sex within a specific culture
- Socially accepted gender roles vary across different cultures
- Gender is a set of characteristics used to differentiate between male and female
- Gender also differentiates one’s biological sex and one’s gender identity

- Gender is our legal status as boys and girls as well as men and women
- Gender identity is how one may choose to express their gender
- Culture determines gender roles and also distinguishes what is masculine and feminine
- Each person has a gender, sex and gender identity which determines who they are
- Sex is biological- hormones, reproductive organs , body parts
- Gender refers to society’s expectations on how people should behave as males / females
- Gender identity is how people feel and express our gender- behavior, appearance, clothing
- Feminine traits are ways of behavior that associates with being female
- Emotional ,dependent, sensitive, quiet, weak, innocent , accepting are some feminine traits
- Culture teach men and women to be opposite / different from each other
- Gender roles are the way people act/ behave and how to they choose to express themselves
- These characteristics are shaped by society(media) and culture
- Gender roles vary greatly between cultures because every culture have their own beliefs
- Every culture has gender roles- they have expectations on how girls / boys should behave, act dress and look
- Children learn gender roles from a very early age from religion, parents and culture
- Gender stereotypes can cause unequal and unfair treatment to a certain gender by judging them in a specific way
- 4 basic k...

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...her is not mentioned in the story)
- Because Red Riding Hood’s father had schizophrenia, it is highly likely that his genes will get passed down to Red Riding Hood
- Since Red Riding Hood has schizophrenia she:
o Has hallucinations which results her to hear voices other people cannot hear
o This explains why she is able to talk to the wolf
o Is delusional because she had a misinterpretation of her grandma
o This explains why she could not tell the difference of her grandma and a wolf dressed up to look like her grandma
- She also has many symptoms for schizophrenia:
o Delusions
o Hallucinations
o Social Withdrawal- she is isolated in from society because she lives near the woods
o Lack of Emotion
 Not worried that her grandma was sick
 Not scared when she saw the wolf
o Loss of Motivation/ Memory problems
 Side tracked, and forgot to go to her grandma’s house

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