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Anthony Storrs' A Very Short Introduction is a book written about none other than Sigmund Freud. Born into the Jewish religion of which he had no interest in taking part of, Freud was an exceptional man who was very advanced, aware of his surroundings and stubborn.
This man was a psychologist, doctor of medical and the Albert Einstein of psychoanalysis if I should say. Freud had a lot of theory's which everyone along with myself didn't quite agree with them all.

Born on the 6th day of may in 1856, a man by the name of Sigmund Freud was not only smart; unique in his ways as a boy. He wouldn't even sit at the dinner table with his family for supper, that had to be done separately from them because during eating times, he still preferred to keep his face in his books. Talk about the determination to ones studies, Freud also learned how to speak about seven different languages by the age of eight. How this young man came about to the likings of is studies isn't something he Inherited from his parents. His father biggest accomplishment career wise was becoming a wool merchant and his mother was an at home mom, who devoted her life to masking sure her families every need was fulfilled.

In 1873 Freud enrolled into the medical department of University of Vienna, where he stayed for eight year until he graduated. Freud had a passion for opera music and obsession for sculptures, but not for the looks of them but because of the history behind every single piece. Unique in that way, he described himself as being especially orderly, obstinate and parsimonious.

This man didn't like the Human race quite well because he referred to them as "Trash". With those statements alone I assume that Freud was ...

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...actually don't want to take part in such researches especially them being involved with the studies of children, They have been replaced with much more complete developmental models though. Which makes Freud somewhat irrelevant in the proper theory, but still relevant because he came up with the theories.

The Jewish man who lived his life devoted to the studies of neurology, the birth father of psychoanalyst was correct in slot of his assumption & later proven incorrect on other. Psychology and Psychoanalyst wouldn't be what it is today if it wasn't for the Birth of this man. Although he was a brilliant man, I don't believe that he was thinking with neutral thoughts because of his super ego. If Freud could have put his ego aside for anything he was studying, I believed he would have discovered many more theories and they wouldn't be disapproved today.

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