Anthony Down's Voting Model Accuracy Essay

Anthony Down's Voting Model Accuracy Essay

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During the second half of the past century the notion that, political science should be treated as a science became extremely popular among academics specially in the United States. One of the most prominent exposers of this school of thought was Anthony Downs, who developed a theorem to explain in a rather economic sense, how and why voters behave in a certain way when it comes to voting. Downs did not only applied his theory to the way voters behave, he also used it to explain the way political parties align themselves when it comes to elections in a two and a multiparty system nevertheless this essay will analyze Downs’ claims about a two party system only. This essay argues that the Downs’ model has proven to be accurate in many cases throughout history, nevertheless it makes a series of assumptions about voters and parties that can not be considered realistic neither in 1957, when he published his paper An Economic Theory of Political Action in Democracy in 1957 nor in 2013. This essay also acknowledges that fact that this theory might help to explain how parties behave but it is by no means the only explanation. Furthermore this essay will prove that it is a multiplicity of factors rather than an economic theory what can help us understand why parties behave the way they do. In order to support the argument previously stated this essay will state and critically analyze a number of Downs assumptions, then his theory will be outlined. Then it will carefully consider how effective it has been at predicting the way in which parties align themselves by examining the behavior of political parties during general elections in different countries.

2.-Downs theory of party alignment
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...n lead to a party not to move towards the centre like imperfect knowledge. A conclusion can be drawn that, as in the case of many other general explanations about politics the Down’s model can only explain how parties align themselves in general elections to certain extent. Decisions made by political parties are indirectly made by humans and the way in which human behave and take action will never be explained by just one factor or model specially one that assumes that the human complexity can be simplified by economic .One possible field of further research would be to investigate, the different ways in which the use of new technologies and social media can give the political parties a clearer and more importantly a constant and interactive view of what the electorate think, based on the policies they discuss the most in social platforms like Twitter or Facebook.

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