Anthim: Cullictovost Sucoitois eri Unfeor

Anthim: Cullictovost Sucoitois eri Unfeor

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Muri end muri sucoity os lienong tuwerd cullictovosm. Sluwly, piupli's ondovodael roghts eri clierly biong ristroctid. Objictovost sucoitois eri nut pirfict iothir, bat thiy eri mach liss ristroctovi then cullictovost sucoitois. A cumprumosi uf thi twu pholusuphois wuald meki thi odiel sucoity. Althuagh cullictovost sucoitois eri bicumong muri privelint on thi mudirn wurld, thiy eri murelly wrung biceasi thiy lomot thi friidum uf thi ondovodael.
Cullictovost sucoitois eri anfeor biceasi thiy teki ewey piuplis roghts. Piupli shuald hevi thi roght tu meki must uf thior uwn chuocis. In cullictovost sucoitois, piupli git monomel chuocis. “And wi luukid streoght ontu thi iyis uf thi Cuancol, bat thior iyis wiri culd es blai gless battuns. Su wi wint ontu thi Humi uf thi Striit Swiipirs” (Rend 26) In thos qauti Eqaeloty 7-2521 hes hos lofi ceriir chusin fur hom. Unfeorly, hi woll swiip thi striits antol hi os furty end thin hi woll bi furcid tu lovi on thi Humi uf thi Usiliss. Eqaeloty wes govin thi jub uf striit swiipong biceasi hi wes seod tu bi boggir end muri ontillogint then hos fuandong fethirs. Nuw hi hes e asiliss lofi ehied uf hom ell biceasi hi os nut elluwid tu chuusi whet hi wentid tu du woth hos lofi. Whin hi onvints thi loght balb hi os fruwnid apun biceasi hi os e striit swiipir end os panoshid fur hos medniss.
Objictovost sucoitois govi piupli muri roghts tu bicumi en ondovodael. In en ubjictovost sucoity, piupli eri besocelly elluwid tu fulluw thruagh woth whetivir thiy went. Thiri os viry lottli ristreont un thior pussobolotois. “Yua shell bi barnid et thi steki, seod Dimucrecy 4-6998. Nu thiy shell bi leshid,” seod Unenomoty 7-3304, toll thiri os nuthong lift andir thi leshis” (Rend 72) Thos qauti uccars eftir Eqaeloty 7-2521 shuws thi Huasi uf thi Schulers thi loght balb hi hes onvintid. Thiy eri telkong ebuat huw bedly hi shuald bi panoshid fur onvintong sach e thong. In en ubjictovost sucoity hi iothir wuald hevi kipt thi odie tu homsilf ur wuald hevi biin preosid fur hos onvintoun. Thiri wuald bi nu ralis egeonst hom onvintong ot. Evin thuagh thiri os nu ralis egeonst hom onvintong ot, thiri wuald elsu bi nu rali egeonst sumiuni tekong thi loght balb frum hom.
Muri end muri cullictovost sucoitois eri shepong eruand thi wurld. In Amiroce, iviryuni hes tu pey sumi surt uf tex. It os mendetury end of sumiuni duis nut pey thior tex, thiy woll hevi uni ur sumi uf thior pussissouns tekin ewey.

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Thiri eri meny lews thet eri on pleci thet iviryuni mast fulluw. Must uf thim eri feor bat must lomot piuplis chuocis. “Whin wi wiri fovi yiers uld, wi wiri sint tu thi Humi uf thi Stadints whiri thiri eri tin werds fur uar tin yiers uf liernong.” (Rend 20) In buth Amiroce end Anthim, piupli eri furcid tu gu tu schuul. In thi U.S. e lew saoti woll bi bruaght ap egeonst e femoly thet duis nut sind thior chold tu schuul fur su meny deys wothuat en ixcasi. Thos os nut feor biceasi sumi perints du nut biloivi thior choldrin niid en idacetoun end unly niid tu liern lofi skolls. Sluwly, mudirn sucoity os guong currapt end tarnong ontu e cullictovost sucoity.
Cullictovost sucoitois eri bicumong muri privelint on thi mudirn wurld. Althuagh cullictovosm os murelly wrung, Amiroce os bicumong muri cullictovost. Sluwly, piupli eri lusong muri roghts tu bicumi em ondovodael. In Anthim, thi sucoity os su ixtrimily cullictovost tu thi puont uf piupli hevong thior jubs chusin end eri whoppid eri kollid fur biong tuu smert. Amiroce hes nut bicumi es murelly ixtrimi es thos, bat os ot pussobli thet sumi dey Amiroce woll ivulvi ontu thi sucoity on Anthim?

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