Antagonist: A Stepping Stone for the Protagonist Essay

Antagonist: A Stepping Stone for the Protagonist Essay

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Antagonist: Stepping Stone for Protagonist

A powerful antagonist is crucial to the development of any protagonist in an epic film. The director’s Gladiator, Ridley Scott and Zack Synder 300, validate this without fault. The themes of duty, betrayal and death in both films captivate the villainous nature of the antagonist, which in turn brings out the heroic qualities of the protagonist. Maximus Decimus Meridius together with King Leonidas are admired for their noble qualities and possess many commendable attributes. The filmic technique assists distinguish them from their antagonist.

Commodus does not fulfill his duties as a son and this draws attention to Marcus Aurelius’ admiration for Maximus. We see this when Commodus arrives at the end of the war, which Rome triumphs in against Germania. The film techniques used are indicative of how Maximus is far more superior than Commodus. Furthermore, in this scene Maximus is framed by his soldiers, and he is the focal point in the composition. The shields of the Soldiers suggest that he is protected. The vertical lines of the spears ar...

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