Answers to Questions Pertaining Children, Parents and Family Needs Essay

Answers to Questions Pertaining Children, Parents and Family Needs Essay

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Unit 20: Children, Parents and Family Needs

E1: Explain the needs of families which may require professional support.
Many different families have a variety of needs in which they may require professional support. Families that have a large number of children may not have the right amount of living space, therefore children may have to share beds or parent may not have a bedroom to sleep in. Children living in this situation are less likely to concentrate and therefore they develop a lot slower than other children. Families that are suffering from poverty may also need professional help. They may not be able to afford their house or afford to pay the bills. Families in this situation are given financial support such a housing benefits, and they have their rent and tax paid so they only need to pay water, gas, electric however this still cannot be enough for some families so some children and parents go without heating or hot water leaving the children’s basic care needs not being met. Some communities offer professional support from areas such as the church, food banks, sure start centres and also other families sometimes offer support. Families who need professional support benefit from living in an inclusive community where the area is free of crime and is safe without them being discriminated against or harassed. Some areas offer a support officer who helps children in these situations get introduced into school or helps when out playing onto the street. Families who are new to the areas and that are of a different culture may Strule to gain help within they communities because of harassment and their lack of communication so they may need professional support to help them settle in. Money is one of the main causes of the ...

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...ct the story in their own way, they can also sometimes include math activities and games to support and area and child is struggling in. Some settings also introduce new services to families who require extra help, e.g. family support officers, social, workers or psychiatrist. This might be for many different reasons but mainly to support the family in the best way possible.
E6: Describe the types of support and information available to parent and families.C1 Evaluate the types of support which will enable parent to meet the need of their children
“We have defined ‘family support’ as all services which aim to promote family wellbeing by improving relationships in families and improving standards of living.”(Bruce.T. pg 32 2007)

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Bruce T, Meggit C (2007) Cache Level 3 Award certificate/diploma in Childcare and Education London, Hodder Education

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