Essay on Another San Francisco Detective Novel

Essay on Another San Francisco Detective Novel

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Bang. Crash. The purity of the nighttime silence has been broken. A struggle ensues. One gets the gun and stands above the other. “Where is it?” he demands hostilely. The subdued man points a shaking, bony finger at the cupboard above his head. After a quick rummaging, the man with the gun finds what he is looking for. A grin forms on his face, barely illuminated by the dim streetlights outside.
“Now I can finally get that cabana in Cuba and live happily ever after.”
“Over my dead body!”
“Precisely.” Bang.
2 o’clock in the morning. The streets of San Francisco have faded into lifelessness, still, unchanging. Unless you’re a shady character or working a night shift, you’re asleep in your own cozy home by now. Unfortunately for Dan Diamond, he was a member of both of these groups. If anyone were to ask him about the difficulty of working throughout the night he would simply answer, “Crime doesn’t sleep.” That was Dan summed up in one sentence, his determination, his fortitude, and in a sense, his delusion. Despite his go-getter demeanor, he was physically underwhelming. He stood approximately five feet and three inches off of the ground, with a pudgy mid-section affected by one too many beers. His face seemed to be a collection of u’s, from his three chins to his sagging eyelids to his pig-like nose. His orange hair poked out from his cap, like a small fire being smothered by one’s foot.
“Dan!” a voice called out from the other room. A few seconds later the source of that voice came running into Diamond’s office. “We just received a call from the SFPD. There’s been a homicide.” Dan looked up and found himself staring into the face of his secretary, Miss Ellie D’Orleans. She was stunningly beautiful, her gorgeous blue eye...

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...nd, boyfriend, brother, anyone else she lives with?”
“Yeah her husband was the one who found her like this. We’re questioning him right now.”
“If he knows anything I’ll get it out of him twenty times faster than you bums.”
“Now that’s certainly some wishful thinking Diamond. Unfortunately for you we’ve already got him talking to us like a schizophrenic talks to himself. He told our interviewer that they’re both heavy cocaine users, and that they get involved with a plethora of shady characters.”
“Alright. It looks like you goons have got this situation under control. I should get going.”
“Wow Dan you laid off quicker than you usually do. Did someone finally teach you about respecting authority?”
With that Dan Diamond turned around, got back into his Model T automobile, and navigated back to his office. When he got there Ellie was waiting at the door.

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