Essay about Another Look at Animal Testing

Essay about Another Look at Animal Testing

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Another Look at Animal Testing
When it comes to animal testing, one of the first thing most people think of, is that animals are used simply for bettering and improving cosmetics. Many would argue that using helpless animals for tests without a huge benefit to society is not fair, and their innocent lives are worth more. However, animal testing is actually crucial and beneficial for society. Animal testing may be cruel, nevertheless the animals allow the medical practices to advance, the military to attain knowledge and the population of both human and animal is not effected in anyway therefore, animal research should continue.

The first and important point that needs to be understood is that medicine is one of the most significant necessities in today’s society. Medicinal advancement is only possible by understanding the benefits for both humans and animals. The Global Resource for Scientific Evidence in Animal Research states, “bodies of animals are like humans in a way that they perform many vital functions such as breathing, digestion, movement, sight, hearing and reproducing.”(Animal Research Information, n.d.), unlike other organisms. A great example, is trees, scientists cannot use trees for research on human lung development because trees do not breathe the same ways humans do, nor do they have any relationship to the human biological structure. Therefore, it makes animals the primary source. By testing animals, humans are able to discover ways to cure many diseases that may not have been possible long-ago. For instance, in the mid 1990’s “diphtheria, pertussis, tuberculosis, measles, and mumps were all deadly at one time” (Watson, 2009, p. 30), therefore, research and tests play a significant role in the development of v...

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...ring the research process” (Muraghan, 2011) making it easier for the military to study the animals. An Excellent example stated by the Global Resource for Scientific Evidence in Animal Research, when scientists and doctors use cats to “learn how [a] disease affects the body, how the immune system responds, who [can] be affected, and more”(Animal Research Information, n.d.) their information and knowledge helps them out there in the field.
In conclusion, by using animals for research that not only allows humans to benefit but also aids animals themselves. There are many benefits, such as vaccines can be developed for both humans and animals, knowledge attained and most importantly the human population will not suffer and neither will the animal population. As a result the benefits outweigh the disadvantage so animal testing should continue at a steady and safe rate.

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