Essay about Anorexia Nervosa By Gerald Russell

Essay about Anorexia Nervosa By Gerald Russell

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Ever since 1979, the world became introduced to a different type of anorexia disorder called bulimia nervosa by Gerald Russell. In the similar attempt to lose weight like anorexia, bulimia nervosa is characterized by having episodes of binge eating, followed by intense efforts to avoid gaining weight. Some of the methods to avoid gaining the weight can be to induce self-vomiting, and consuming laxatives or diuretics. As a result of Russell studying theses eating disorders, he discovered that approximately 1/100 women in Western societies were affected in 1990 (Palmer, 2014). Ever since bulimia nervosa became a known eating disorder, more people have been able to effectively be diagnosed with it, and more useful information about the disorder has become available.
People become bulimic for a variety of reasons, but mainly trend from psychological, physical, and social reasons. Those who have bulimia tend to be women between the ages of 15 and 24. Although bulimia is ten times more common in females than males, it still can occur in males. Those with bulimia often have the extreme need to lose weight. Since society expects women to be tall and skinny, that factor often drives women to take extreme measures to achieve that and resort to bulimia. Although people become bulimic to help their self-esteem, it actually takes that opposite effect, and makes people criticize their self-image even more. On top of that, people tend to become more paranoid and vulnerable as a result of all the secrecy they have around people. Then, because they try to avoid others, it can often result in feelings of shame and guilt. Bulimia can truly change a person’s everyday life by making it harder to develop relationships. With feelings of loneliness and...

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... to understand this disorder, and know not to judge, insult, or comment on looks. Those are the best ways to help somebody with bulimia, with an overall sense of calmness and understanding.
Bulimia is not an enjoyable disorder to have. With life-risking complications, it is best not to engage in bulimic activities. While an eating disorder affects up to 24 million people in the United States, it is shown to be quite common (ANAD, 2014). In order to prevent bulimia, it is best to understand the complications and effects of being bulimic, in order to persuade people not to start being bulimic. Also, always have healthy ways to approach food and exercise, therefore to keep your weight stable (WebMD, 2013). Finally, encouragement is always valuable, and encouragement of a healthy view of yourself and others will help prevent someone from relapsing and becoming bulimic.

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