Anorexia - Is There A Cure? What Is It? Essay

Anorexia - Is There A Cure? What Is It? Essay

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Is There A Cure? What Is It?

Although there is no quick cure or medication for anorexia, there are treatments. Depending on the severity of someone suffering from anorexia, hospitalization might be necessary. For instance, if the person refuses to eat, a feeding tube would be required. At a hospital, anorexics will need treatments for malnutrition involving a significant focus on weight gain since they are drastically underweight. After hospitalization, anorexics go through programs that treat the psychological disorders relating to anorexia involving guidance from a medical-care provider, a nutritionist, and a mental-health-care provider. There are also other programs that treat anorexia ranging from individual therapy to group or family therapy that have proved to be effective to treat anorexia by helping anorexics eat a physically and psychologically healthy life. With the right treatment, most people make a full recovery from anorexia.

How to Prevent Anorexia?

Prevention of anorexia is not easy because it involves guidance from others as well as yourself. Young women, who are affected most from anorexia need to raise their self-esteem by realizing that there is no point in comparing their bodies to a model because it accomplishes nothing. There are better alternatives to lose weight than by starving yourself. For instance, people can lose weight the healthy way by exercising, eating healthy foods and seeking professional help such as Jenny Craig. Friends and families can help by avoiding insulting comments such as “You look like a fat pig” or “You are so disgusting” because it lowers the self-esteem of a person which may cause them to take drastic action such as starving themselves to seriously lose weight. B...

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... of anorexics die from anorexia related medical conditions such as cardiac arrest. Anorexia is a life-threatening eating disorder that will result in death if untreated.

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