Anomie Can Be Brought About By Soaring Aspirations Essay

Anomie Can Be Brought About By Soaring Aspirations Essay

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Anomie can be brought about through external and internal thoughts, situations, etc. Anomie can be brought about by soaring aspirations. Blacks have aspirations, but the goals or means to these are blocked. These aspirations make people unhappy with the life they have. Blacks are unhappy with the life they have. They see around them violence, crime, and criminals. They also see those successful whites who have better lives and who are looking down at them. This conflict between the haves and have-nots (conflict theory) creates these aspirations. Everybody wants out of the ghetto, out of poverty, and to be free from discrimination. The road to get there is a lot harder when we dangle the prize in front of them, tell them they can get it if they really tried, but then we set restrictions, laws, parole, probation that sets them up to fail. Plus, when criminals are out of prison they face struggles. Out of fear of shame, families and friends do not even talk about someone they know having that label. People just begin to stop talking about it. They, those who are criminals, fear the shame they receive, but so does their friends and family. Families fear the shame from the community and often do not want to be seen even with their family members. Due to this, there is silence, n communication in the community. Anomie is created when there are societal crisis and soaring aspirations. Anomie is created in ghettos because people move out and leave others behind as well as there not being a solidarity in the community. There is not solidarity because nobody can trust anyone, not even the police. They often do not know their neighbors or try to even come together to overthrow what was going on. Poverty, segregation, and discrimination all l...

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...tching and the media makes money off of it. Because the discrimination and stigma is there, it is seen and believed by more and more because it is infotainment, aka profitable. The mass media is one of the biggest reasons we all have perceptions of black individuals. They create and enforce the stigma and stereotypes we hear and see every day. They also help promote the system in such a way that people become used to seeing black celebrities. These celebrities, though, actually blame the poor blacks and shun them. Instead of helping them they blame them. When the media portrays this, everyone who follows them begins to think and do the same thing. The media portrays blacks as violent and criminal. Although, what they don’t show is the fact that whites also commit crimes. Everybody is human and all humans make mistakes, some pay for it more than others unfortunately.

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