Annual Report Comparison of Two Comanies in Paper/Forest Products

Annual Report Comparison of Two Comanies in Paper/Forest Products

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 The two companies which are being compared in this report are: Acadian Timber and Canfor Pulp Products Inc.
 Both these companies are in the industry of Paper and Forest Products
 In this report, the following topics are analysed and compared:
o Overall Appearance – Canfor Pulp Products has a more colourful appearance which makes it more appealing towards the readers, whereas Acadian Timber has worked around a common colour, which has made the report look rather dull and boring to look at
o Aim – Canfor Pulp Products Inc. has made their annual report for general public, whereas Acadian Timber was very straight forward as their annual report was for potential investors
o Detail – Both companies presented their annual reports in a very detailed manner, even though Canfor Pulp Products Inc. had more detail which allowed them to clearly get their points across
 Sections of the Annual Report that this report will focus on:
o Brief Description
o Message to Shareholder(s)
o Financial Highlights
o Managements’ Discussion and Analysis
o Independent Auditor’s Report
o Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements
o Consolidated Financial Statements
o Additional Information
 According to the figures, it is understandable that Canfor Pulp Products Inc. is a much bigger company and a more successful company than Acadian Timber, as it has a much higher revenue and a much higher net income, and also a higher shareholder’s equity
 Overall, Canfor Pulp Products Inc. had a better annual report due to it being more informative and visually appealing, even though both companies presented their financial statements in a very effective manner

Canfor Pulp Products Inc. and Acadian Timb...

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= 10.1%

Book Value per Share
Shareholder(s)’ Equity/Total Common Shares
Acadian Timber Canfor Pulp Products Inc.
=$10.89 $438,000,000/71,007,341

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