Annotated Bibliography : Teen Suicide Essay examples

Annotated Bibliography : Teen Suicide Essay examples

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Annotated Bibliography
"Teen Suicide." CQ Researcher by CQ Press. 2015. Web. 14 Dec. 2015.
The main argument in this article is that there needs to be more ways to help people that are suicidal. The main point of this article is that they want to people to be more aware of how to help someone, and it is also full of information. The topics that are covered in the article are the issues at hand, the background with suicide in teens, and the next step that society needs to take. This article is about helping people that are suicidal and how to help them and let us know the next step that we need to take.
CQ Researcher published the article. They are an authority with where they stand in the world; meaning they are very informational and helpful. It is scholarly reviewed. By comparing it to my other sources, this source has more information and helps a lot more than the rest of my sources. The article is objective and informational. The goal of this article is to inform people on the statistics and how we can help lower the numbers.
This was very helpful in my research. It gave me a lot more of an insight on what needs to happen to society to help the mentally ill. By the information that this article gave me; it has helped shape my argument by giving more reasons of why we should have more educators and therapist to help all the mentally ill people. The information can be used in my research project by giving more of a broad clarity of statistics, giving another person’s outlook on the situation at hand, and using the next step as something we as a society can do. It has not changed how I feel about suicide. It has only given me more of a reason to push for things to change in society today.

Rao, Satya, Murad Taani, Valerie Laz...

... middle of paper ...

...ormation provided is reliable because it isn’t biased. For the research that I am doing it might not be a very useful source considering that the study was done in Canada and not in the United States. The goal of this source is to see where the problem lies; such-as, if it is more school-based rather than non-school-based.
Though the research was done in Canada it has help give me more outlook on how big the problem of suicide really is. It has helped shape my argument by giving more information that isn’t just narrowed down to the United States it has stretched the sight of the human eye even further. Though I thought staying in the United States would be better. I know see that stretching the outlook would be more beneficial to my research. I never really realized how broad suicide really is and the need that we have to have to stop the epidemic going any further.

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