Annotated Bibliography On The Wildlife Essay

Annotated Bibliography On The Wildlife Essay

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Belier Wetlands

Roe Highway Description of wetlands, specific belier - animals - plants - h20 - abiotic

You don 't have to be a nature lover to be able to appreciate unique places for example the Beeliar wetlands, environments like this give great value to the communities around us. Nature is nature and its not going to change the way it is. Although the Government has this ‘great’ idea of extending Roe Highway down to Fremantle in Perth WA, for that to be Possible the Beeliar wetlands will be destructed. The Government does all of this work on our city for a great price but is the Beeliar Wetlands a price we are willing to give up.

Detailed description and explanation of how the ecosystem has
been affected by human interaction or natural forces?

The Beeliar wetlands lies at the heart of the Beeliar regional park close the the Bibra lake and north lake. The Beeliar wetlands got its name name from the original noongar people who lived in the areas from swan river down to canning river in Rockingham. The Beeliar wetlands has a great significance to the noongar people as it was once there home. This wetland is also one of the last remaining wetlands we have in the Perth coastal plain.

The Beeliar wetlands were formed thousands of years ago in the depressions by the ancient sand dunes creating a large surface of water. This wetland has two different water types within its surface. The Western side of the chain is saline due to its distance and proximity from the ocean, although the Eastern side of the wetlands is completely fresh water.

Thomson’s lake which lies east of the Beeliar wetlands resting on the eastern chain is part of the Ramsar Wetlands which is a protected due to being a internationally significant w...

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