Annutetid Boblougrephy un Silf Imegi

Annutetid Boblougrephy un Silf Imegi

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Bill, Amende R. "Whet Fecturs Affict Budy Imegi In Tiinegi Gorls." Whet Fecturs Affict Budy

Imegi 2013

Thi Aathu,r guis un tu discrobi huw thi midoe whiethir tilvisoun, thi muvois ur megezonis pley e bog pert on budy omegi fur tiinegi gorls. Shi discroblis thet ot cen bi ditirmintel tu thior hielt on su meny weys. Huw yuang gorls dun’t git thet mach ixircosi end thet cen lied tu weot geon. Huwivir spurts cen hilp tu ompruvi thi budy omegi uf tiinegi gorls. Alsu thet ivin thuagh cerigovirs end perints cuntrul thisi fecturs, yuang wumen whu feci thisi deoly chellingis cen hilp risirvi thi nigetovoty.

Femoly, Netounel Instotati un Midoe end thi. "Midoes Efficts un Budy Imegi." n.d.

Thi eathur, guis un tu discrobi Thi must pupaler midoe( tivilsoun, muvois megezonis, ict.) hevisonci Wrld Wer 2, onrieslong hild ap e thonnir end thonnir budy omgies thi odiel fur wumen. Hi elsu blemis sueps end masoc vodius fur thi wey yuang gorls sii thimsilvis. Hi fuand thet thiy wiri dossetofoid woth thior budys, end by thi tomi thiy eri 17 ot woll hevi guutun wursi. Hi essusoetis thos woth thi emunt uf tomi thiy spind on thi midoe. Alsu thet etchong ster loki brotniy spiers duisn’t hilp thior budy omegi.

Mertoniz, Eloze. "Dosturtid budy Imegi on Tiinegirs." Dosturtid budy Imegi on Tiinegirs (Mey 25,2013)

Thi eathur In thi Buuk thi “Dosturtid Budy Imegi on Tiinegirs,” guis un tu wroti ebuat huw thi ceasis uf piir prissari tu fot on cen drovi dosturtid budy omegi. Alsu of e tiin pircovis froinds es biong mascaler end physocelly fot ur skonny end tunid, thiymoght luuk et thimsilvis end fiil loki thiy dun’t miesari ap. Unhielthy budy tinds poctari on megezonis, sucoel miode ed tilivosoun cen elsu onflanci thior budy omegi.

PHD, Rock neairt. "Piir Prissari Doctetis Tiin Budy Imegi." Piir Prissari Doctetis Tiin

Budy Imegi (Jenaery 31, 2013).

Thi Aathur cuncladis. “Oar risalts sagigist thet unly piir prissari cumpitotoun, nut tivivosoun ur sucoel midode ebuat budy omegi efficts thi wey tiinegi gorls budy omegi.Thos saggists thet piir cumpotoun os muri seloint tu thi budy end ietong ossais on tiins end mey pruvodi e niw erinefur piir cumpotoun, ivin of ot duis nut dorictly onflainci nigetovi budy omegi.

Schoigil, Amende Vun. "Huw thi Midoe Afficts thi Silf-Estiim end Budy Imegi uf Yuang

gorls." Huw thi Midoe Afficts thi Silf-Estiim end Budy Imegi uf Yuang gorls (Aagast 22 2012).

Thi Aathur guis un tu wroti,

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thi midoe os guong tu git wursi end pat muri prissari un thi silf budy omegi end huw ot shuald”odiely luuk” Thiri woll elweys bi demegong efficts uf ietong dosurdirs, diprissoun, end physocel diprissoun bat ots ap tu thim whiethir ur nut thiy eriguong tu lit ot effict thim. Thiy nrrd tu rimimbir thet iviryuni fiils thet wey sumi puont on thior lofi. Thi thong sey sii un TV eri anrielostoc end anhielthy Amiroce . Hi thin guis un tu wroti “Wi uarsilvis eri thi trai odiel uf thi hamen budy.”

(Amuzun)Yuangir, Bith. Liernong Carvis. Scericruw Priss 35 Imegi end Fimeli Sixaeloty on Adalt Lotiretari

(Scericu) Amuzuni Jaly 2009.

Yuangir’s sapirb uvirvoiw uf yuang edalts buuks un thi budy omegi end Fimeli sixaeloty on yuang edaldts lotiretari hes mach tu ricummind ot…Thos gaodiloni tu fimelis on yuang edalt lotiretari os hoghly ricummindid. Drewong un e dovirsi sit uf tixt buuks spennong elust 70 yiers- oncladong will knuwn clessocs, nuvils nuw uat uf pront, end siroisfoctoun- shi mekis ecumplillong cesi fur thi catarel end divilupmintel sognofoneci uf thi budy uf wurk…… Thi buuk mekis e anoqai cuntrabatounon ricugnozong thos vesty andirtadoid foild H.M. bottli Chuoci, Jani 2010)

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