Annotated Bibliography on Online Adult Learners

Annotated Bibliography on Online Adult Learners

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Annotated Bibliography

The journal article:

Author(s) name(s): Shinkareva, O. N., & Benson, A. D.

Year of publication: (2007)

Title of the article: The relationship between adult students' instructional technology competency and self-directed learning ability in an online course.

Name of the journal: Human Resource Development International.

Journal Number and Issue Number: Vol. 10, No. 4.

Article pages: 417- 435.

DOI number: 10.1080/13678860701723737

(1) What is the article about?

The core purpose of the article is to anatomize the relationship among the adult students ability and instructional technology competency in the online environment. This article investigates the motivation and learning approaches that the students use to learn . The article results indicate that motivation is an important factor for learning technology in an online environment.

(2) What information did you find that is important for your topic?

This is very specific to my topic and I find this information important. Students must have a certain amount of IT skills to master the online learning environment. If the student does not have a certain amount of IT skills, they may not achieve to their fullest ability. The article mentions the chance of lacking in satisfaction of the online course, as well.

The book:

Author(s) name(s): Tomei, L. A.

Year of publication: 2010

Title of the book: Designing instruction for the traditional, adult, and distance learner: A new engine for technology-based teaching.

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Publisher: Information Science Reference.

City and State of Publication: Hershey, PA

(1) What is the book about?

This book explores how technology impacts the process of devising instructional plans for adult students. The text proposes a new example for designing, developing, implementing, and assessed technology based instruction. It addresses three main populations of today's learner: traditional, adult, and distance education. The book proposes a new model of instructional system design for developing effective technology based education that involves a five step process focusing on the learner, learning theories, resources, delivery approaches, and conclusions.

(2) What information did you find that is important for your topic?

Information for delivering instruction to the the adult learner, delivering instruction to the distance learner, and it offers a focus on resources offered to both. I find this information to be both important and informative to my final paper.

The website:

Author of the site: Tews, P. & Finn, W.

Year the site was created: November 7, 2013

Title of the site:

Date accessed: December 24, 2013

Web address:

(1) What is the site about?

This website is dedicated to identifying the part played by the adult student in the classroom, difference among the adult learner compared to younger generations, and the characteristics of adult learners compared to traditional students.

(2) What information did you find that is important for your topic?

This is very specific to my topic and I find this information important. This website offers explanations for educators, how to determine who is an adult learner, and how they may alter teaching techniques to meet the needs of adult learners.
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