Annotated Bibliography On Computer Security Essay

Annotated Bibliography On Computer Security Essay

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“In HYPERLINK "" computer security, a vulnerability is a weakness which allows an HYPERLINK "" attacker to reduce a system 's HYPERLINK "" information assurance”. In other words some entity you may or may not have done direct business with has a flaw in their data flow or storage that allows an attacker access and the ability to move forward a secure level without invitation or permission.

“Target says up to 70 million more customers were hit by December data breach”, was the headline at HYPERLINK "", dated January 10, 2014. Target let slipped millions of customer’s address, phone and credit card information back at the beginning of 2014 and their continue to be security breaches, not just in the retail sector.

What this large retailer experienced was a high level attack aimed to do huge damage, as it came right after the Christmas shopping season; where millions of gift buying customers swiped plastic cards carrying troves of information, giving a organization or individual plenty of angles to make a persons life very uncomfortable. In reference to the breach one industry analyst said “All the costs are going to eat up their profits,” There’s going to be shareholder revolts. There’s going to be prosecutions. They’ve stepped in quicksand. It’s not going to be fun.” In deed the lack of fun will be shared by both company and customer alike, as now that targeted individual will be far more exposed to secondary fraud attacks.

Security concerns spread far and wide with large organizations. Just making the headlines lately was an a...

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...ommend a few places to look. Naturally there are opportunities to gather basic training, if you seek out an employer who is workable, learn the basics from another as you assist, if even in a small way can be of assistance. Seek out specialized training through certification: programs such as CompTIA Security+, CISSP, CISM , GSEC, and CCNA Security, a cisco focused certification. These are by no means all that Is out there and they focus on different levels and areas of focus. Work towards programs that are focused on strengthening structural integrity and confidentiality and that are run bent towards fortifying the medium of wireless remote devices. Much of what a person is sending and receiving is accessed being by consumers who are on-the-go. Society’s appetite for convince is increasing but must not come at the cost of a more vulnerable communications environment.

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