Essay on Annotated Bibliography : National Food Issues

Essay on Annotated Bibliography : National Food Issues

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Annotated bibliography: National Food Issues
Abrams, Lindsay. "McDonald’s Is Still Killing Us: Reforms Aside, the Food Industry Hasn’t Solved the Biggest Problem — Itself." SALON. N.p., 1 May 2015. Web.
In the article “McDonald’s Is Still Killings Us” by Salon, they discuss how the food industry is still generating food that is unhealthy, but are claiming it isn’t. The article mentions “The Food Babe”, a blogger who was able to get companies to remove harmful additives from their foods such as Kraft’s glowing cheese powder, Subway’s “yoga mat chemical’, and cereal brand’s that added BHT. However, the problem that still arises is sugar content. Every processed and prepared food items contain high amounts of sugar, and the population continues to consume them. The author declares that if a food movement were to be truly successful we would need to start encouraging what we know is good for us: fresh produce, whole grain, and water.
This article is interesting and shines light on the flaws that are still present in the food industry. Personally, I try to stay away from fast food and food that glows. After one day in biology where we looked at the fat, sugar, and calorie content in local fast food places, I vowed to limit my intake of those types of food the best I could. It is quite unfortunate that companies feel the need to add in these crazy ingredients like butylated hydroxytoluene (I’m sorry, but what even is that and why are we ingesting it). The article is thought-provoking, but doesn’t give any sense of action, which I feel is still quite necessary since the food industry is still considered a problem.
Barr, Sadie. "School Food Problems Are American Food Problems." The Huffington Post., 26 Feb. 2015...

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The Food Industry funds groups that are fighting anti-obesity. In other words, they want us to be fat.
The Food Industry works hard to discredit their critics. They called Nestle, a famous critic, “hysterical”.
The USDA still approves “pink-slime” and allows the Food Industry to use it.
Although this article was mainly a list, it may have been the most interesting article surrounding national food issues. Obviously, if a person would take the time to read the ingredients on the back of each food item, a lot of these distasteful listings could be avoided. I personally think it is hilarious that the Food Industry fights anti-obesity groups. It is a sick thing to say “No! I want them to be obese!”. Also the fact that “pink-slime” is still in food and is USDA approved is sickening. It’s clear the Food Industry has many flaws and something internally needs to happen.

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