Annie Oakley : The Most Famous And Remembered Woman From The Western Time Period

Annie Oakley : The Most Famous And Remembered Woman From The Western Time Period

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Annie Oakley is regarded as the most famous and remembered woman from the western time period. She transformed the stereotypes that women were fighting against in the time period. Women faced pressures in their social and physical lives. Every thing they did was scrutinized by men and other women if not within the stereotype of a typical woman. Annie Oakley’s legacy after her death is that of a woman that stood out regardless of what others thought. She is remembered as the greatest woman shooter in history. She was “the first to create a picture of the cowgirl in the public mind” (Riley 34) Annie Oakley through her life and her accomplishments not only changed the stereotype of western women but also changed the way that women live their life.
Annie Oakley from a young age had to take the role of the male figure. Her father died and she was the sole person to gather food for her mother and other siblings. This role she took upon herself caused her to shy away from the typical female role even at a younger age. Women were supposed to take care of the house and the family while men made the money and were relied on to put food on the table. Oakley shifted away from the stereotype, as her family needed her and her hunting abilities to survive and be able to eat. From an early age, her shooting and hunting abilities caused her to stand out from other women and even other men. She possessed a remarkable talent that many people had never seen and didn’t believe until they witnessed it in person. She would go on to become “the most famous of all women shots” (New-York Tribune, June 19, 1910).
Oakley in her legacy is known for her shooting abilities and for performing the Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show. Today that is what people discuss ...

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...ical American housewife during the late 19th and early 20th century. Annie Oakley took thus stereotype and transformed it even more as she showed to the entire world that she could support herself with simply a rifle. At the time of Oakley’s life women were not viewed with the same esteem and respect as men. Oakley competed with men and defeated men in shooting competitions, because of this she gained respect for herself and the female population. Oakley embraced the stereotypes that woman had faced for centuries and transformed them. She opened the door for women to compete against men in shooting and rodeo competitions. She took it upon herself to show off to the world her talent. Annie Oakley is the true definition of a western woman because of the way she conducted herself in everyday life and the lives she transformed in the west by simply shooting a rifle.

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