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Essay about Annie Oakley

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The seaboard’s of the Carolina’s then the avenue’s Paris; becoming the new image of American women, this petite lady could astonish anyone. Who was this gal? A sharpshooting emblem of the Wild West? One who was elegant, and courted by Queens? Or maybe a brilliant, and driven performer who had the audiences in admiration at the sight of her blowing kisses as she pranced about the stage? If this was an assessment, you’d make sure to check ‘All the Above’. (Spinner)
“After traveling through fourteen exotic countries, and appearing before all the royalty, and nobility I have only one wish today. That is that when my eyes close in death, that they will bury me back in that quiet little farm land where I was born.” When Quaker parents Susan and Jacob Moses delivered a baby girl by the name of Phoebe Ann Moses, my guesstimate would be that they didn’t know what they had coming. That day of August 13th 1860 in a small, rough, settlers cabin stationed in Patterson Township, Darke County Ohio, a true all-american superstar was born. As Phoebe grew older, many nicknames followed her, but in her childhood she was simply referred to as ‘Annie’. Being the fifth of seven children, life on this farm wasn’t a walk in the park, especially when her father died in the spring of 1866 from Pneumonia after nearly freezing to death during a trip to the local general store during the winter months. When a tavern fire took away their jobs of inn keepers, they moved too a rented farm. Not long after Annie’s sister Mary Jane died to Tuberculosis, Susan was only bringing home $1.25 per week from being a nurse. Annie began to set traps for birds in the nearby woods to catch quails and grouse. When she was 8, Annie took her father’s old gun from above th...

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