Essay Anne Of Green Gables : A Father Like Figure

Essay Anne Of Green Gables : A Father Like Figure

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It is not only widowers taking care of their daughters, in Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery, Matthew is a father-like figure. The family is definitely unconventional with siblings, Matthew and Marilla, raising an orphan girl, but the two adults do still have their own impact on Anne that affects her childhood. Matthew is set up to be the mild mannered sibling from the beginning; all social interaction making him feel out of place (Montgomery 4). He is the quiet one in the house, who does not have much space to express many words. His sister is the ruler of the household; her’s is the final word. Matthew often is the one to nudge her into being more flexible. It was through his quiet, non-confrontational personality that he was able to push Marilla into thinking about and eventually keeping Anne (Montgomery 34). She explicitly states that the girl would be under her jurisdiction, and Matthew is just happy to have Anne so he readily agrees. When Anne has an argument with Marilla, he hesitantly decides to intervene because he wants to try to get the two talking again. He wants Anne to bend a little, let go of the pride that is keeping her from apologizing in order for the house to be in balance again. Matthew knows that Anne wants to be able to leave her room. Therefore, instead of letting her hold onto her anger, he tries to gently guide her into understanding that it will be harder the longer she waits. He advises her that “it 'll have to be done sooner or later, you know […] do it right off I say and have it over” (Montgomery 69). He does not succeed in this because he tries to demonstrate power over Anne, rather he lays out the logical reason for his solution, which is enough for her to agree. He just wants the stal...

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...ies are equally, if not more so, in situations where they take care of their daughters. They do not fumble or stammer when having to confront the more emotional natures of familial relationships, and are able to support their daughters in any situation. Father figures are just as capable of understanding young girls, and it is something of which to be proud. They become the problem solvers, they work toward making the child feel better, and know how to do so while guarding their daughters emotional well-being. These three examples of father figures all have their differences in their interactions with their daughters, but they are still all capable of providing the support needed, emotional or physical, to them without hesitation. It does not require some great skill on the part of the men, just a simple desire to keep their daughters happy and love them completely.

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