Anne Moody 's Influence On African American Women Essay

Anne Moody 's Influence On African American Women Essay

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Anne Moody was born Essie May Moody in 1940. She grew up in Wilkerson County, a rural county marked by extreme poverty and racism. The usual African American woman in the South was a cook, housekeeper, nursemaid, or all three enfolded up in one for at least one white family. Anne Moody was a southern African American women who grew up playing this role majority of her youth. Starting from when she was a young girl she would grow out of her adolescence quickly realizing what it meant to be African American, especially in the south. Coming of Age in Mississippi is written over nineteen years of Anne’s life from when she was four to twenty-three years old. Anne’s attitude towards white people became a personal evolution from positive to negative.
Moody was first lived on land owned by a white family where her family worked awfully hard to make a living. The thought process of why her parents had to work so hard never occurred to her. She just knew they tended to the land day in and day out. After unfortunate circumstance with the burning of her home and her father leaving Anne, at this time Essie Mae, faces her first encounter with the differences between black and white. She had met some uncles of her while visiting her grandmother, Winnie. This confuses Essie Mae and she doesn’t understand why they look white like the Cook’s, the family who they now live on their land. Asking her mother many questions, Toosweet, her mother gets very snappy with Essie Mae. Already her mother is trying to keep her curiosity to a minimum to avoid trouble. Back then, white men were known to have affair with their “hired” help in the houses. This also plays a nerve racking situation later in the story.
Her mother was employed as a hired maid for numero...

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...d family which even there she felt the separation of the blacks and whites as white college students would come in everyday and leave change as if was nothing while she was struggling and having to earn her college fund with every penny she had. As the civil right movement progressed so did her disgust with way African Americans were being segregated by the white. She now had a full understanding that whites simply thought they were better or over all higher than blacks. This fact did not settle well with Anne as she was a progressing activist in the protests. Along with others in the black communities she was going to take a stand against white racists no matter who said what. She was no longer afraid of what it meant to be black or what the white man could do to her. Her confusion and fear of whites turned into strength and confidence of being an African American.

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