Essay about Anne Hutchinson : A Woman

Essay about Anne Hutchinson : A Woman

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For Anne Hutchinson, being a woman didn’t hold her back from what she believed she was capable of. The constant disregard for women and their voice was no match for her. Anne defied the odds and common morals for a puritan woman in the sixteen hundreds, which from what the law says, could have no voice. She didn’t let this stop her. Anne protruded her voice into the world whether the high officials, reverends, or men in the town liked or agreed with it. As a woman, Anne Hutchinson was seen as an idol for making her voice known and not having any remorse for what men had to say about her or to her. Even being tried in court for her views and beliefs never stopped her. She was a perfect replica of her father, whom also was tried, sent to prison, and despised for his beliefs. Anne Hutchinson was an amazing woman with a strong push for what she believed in and didn’t let anyone get in her way without a fight.
Being a woman during the sixteen hundreds wasn’t easy at all. Women had no chance for a voice in anything. There was no right to vote and no questions after the sermon was done in Church. Women were expected to get married, take care of the husband and home, and bear children and raise a family. For Anne Hutchinson, however, growing up with a father that was defiant of the law and what was stated, had planted a seed in this young woman’s soul. She had many views and thoughts and only wanted to share them with other people. After starting a family and doing her womanly duties, Anne started a meeting with other women of the town to give her voice about what God has laid upon her and spoken to her. Men started to join and she had many people listening to her and the talent God had given her. However, many priests and town officia...

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...he first woman who should be thanked is Anne Hutchinson. The author shows on many occasions how magnificent Anne was as a woman and as a spokesperson for women.
Many might disagree by saying that she only preached the word of God and not about “real” woman issues. However, Anne Hutchinson displayed a dislike for how women did not have a voice, whenever men were allowed to. She wanted to be able to display her talent and take on the Bible, and reassure others on how she was saved, so therefore, they could be too. She wanted women to stop worrying about being saved and understand how it could happen for them. The author showed how Anne paved the way for women to step up for what they believe in, no matter the consequences or the scrutiny that would follow a woman stepping up. Anne Hutchinson is an inspiration and a strong woman who never backed down from a challenge.

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