Anne Frank: The Greatest Diarist in European History Essays

Anne Frank: The Greatest Diarist in European History Essays

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The name “Anne Frank” is synonymous with young hope, optimism, and prospects for a better life, even in times of peril and relentless evil. Although she only lived to be fifteen, Frank and her work are known and respected widely throughout the world for the humanistic light they shed on a time of such infamy and anguish. Born June 12th, 1929 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Anne Frank spent her early years living the life of any other girl her age in a middle-class Jewish-German family. However, the tranquility of the Frank family and 522,000 others’ in her same situation would soon be shattered by one of the most nefarious events in all of Europe’s history, the Holocaust. With the rise of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, Otto Frank (her father) moved his family to Amsterdam in the fall of 1933 in order to escape the escalating persecution of Jews. Anne attended Amsterdam's Sixth Montessori School, and throughout the rest of the 1930s lived a mostly normal childhood, free of anti-semitism. For her thirteenth birthday, Anne Frank received the diary that would encase her everlasting story and post-mortem fame. Less than a month later on July 5th, 1942, Anne’s sister, Margot Frank, received a call-up notice to be deported to a work camp, leaving the family no choice but to go into hiding immediately. This location, referred to as the Secret Annex, is where Anne Frank scribbedmost her most important work, her diary. Anne’s diary ended up being a very influential and vital resource to gaining a deep historical and emotional understanding of the horrors of the Holocaust and became a world renowned story of visions of hope in a dark time. Although she was very young when she documented her work, Anne Frank is the greatest diarist in all of Europe...

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