Anne Frank: Exemplary Human Being

Anne Frank: Exemplary Human Being

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As peaceful and optimistic as Gandhi yet as free spirited as Shirley Temple, Anne Frank proves to be an exemplary human being through her brutal outbursts that seem like nothing but the truth, and her positive spin on her challenges. She is not of impeccable character in the sense that she always does the right thing, but by not giving up on humanity and by not being afraid to love rather than easily hate people. Though she has gone through an unimaginable amount of suffering, she still believes that people are truly good regardless of the fact that she and her ethnic group were victims of a genocide executed by none other than her neighbors and fellow Germans. Through no mistake of her character, Anne Frank chose to believe that people are good at heart because of many reasons, but the most important being that she is good at heart, but I refuse to believe that this is true in all cases.
Even though she might have seemed a bit childish, she remained kind and optimistic. I think that she was taking a leap of faith when she said that all people were good at heart. It took a lot of belief in the humanity to believe that Hitler, the man initial responsible for the genocide of Jews and many others, good at heart. Here she was living in an attic with two families crammed together, and she can still say that Hitler did this through the goodness of his heart. This leads me to believe that she, unlike Hitler, is good at heart, because it takes a genuinely pure and kind heart to be able to forgive and give people the benefit of the doubt. Her quote, “Despite everything, I believe that people really are good at heart”, should not only wonder about human nature, but also wonder about how Anne thinks like a benevolent guru at such a young age.
I for one agree that people are born as good-natured humans and as they grow they develop their own path to good or bad. Anne Frank did illustrate the beginnings of human nature and human intentions very well with her quote, but it is lacking technicalities. It may seem a bit odd to state that a quote is “lacking”, but it is true in this case. If she has said that people are born with good intentions, then I would fully board that train, but that is not the case here.

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I do not think humans are bad and that the fate of human nature to be bad, but I certainly don’t think that it is all the way good either. To say that humans are born with one good instinct and later develop bad instincts and chose which one to use is true without question. To say that all people are good at heart, is too optimistic and is a cry for disappointment.
Anne Frank is an example of people who are good hearted, but it does not mean that everyone else is. It may in fact, prove the opposite. If this little girl and her family had to hide in a small attic because of the actions of humans, can we really say that all humans are truly good? Of course we can’t and doing so is just turning a blind eye, which is not in the least bit helpful to proving Frank’s quote to be true. I think the problem with people’s reaction to this quote is the expectations. People expect others to believe and agree with this quote because it’s written by Anne Frank, a victim of the Holocaust. Is this not what led to the Holocaust in the first place, people caving under the pressure of the expectations of others? People say that they have a right to their own opinions, so why don’t use it. Why don’t they say “No, I don’t agree with this regardless of the fact that many people do”? If people use their right to disagree throughout history, I wouldn’t be here pointing at the flaws of this quote which could’ve been truer had history been rewritten.

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