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Very little is known about Anne Bronte’s life. There are many recordings on her experiences with her published works, but few recordings are around of her daily life and feelings, in her own words or those of witnesses. The few cases in which her own recorded impressions can be compared with those of her sisters, Charlotte and Emily, imply that they all did not necessarily believe and feel the same way about certain situations.

In the readings The Oxford Guide too British Women Writers Anne Bronte was brought up with her six siblings in the personage at Haworth by her father and her mother’s elder sister “Aunt Barnwell.” The personage life was an enclosed world, which few visitors interrupted. (pg.62) Anne was barely a year old when her mother became ill with uterine cancer. Patrick Bronte dedicated himself to nursing his beloved wife, while still fulfilling his clerical duties in the new parish. It was a big load, one which became nearly unbearable when all six children caught scarlet fever, itself potentially fatal. The children recovered, and help arrived in the form of Maria's sister, Elizabeth Barnwell. After months of physical agony and distress over the future of Patrick and their children, Maria Barnwell Bronte died on September 15th, 1821. She was buried September 22nd in Haworth Church.

Patrick incredibly concerned for his family. Elizabeth Barnwell could not be expected to stay with them forever; his children needed a mother during the next two years, Patrick made several attempts to find a second wife. Failing, he began looking for a good school which would offer his children a good education and a chance to become independent. Crofton Hall, and later the Clergy Daughter's School. Between July 21st, 1824, and ...

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... life is being reexamined and her work revaluated. A re-appraisal of Anne’s work has begun, gradually leading to her acceptance, not as a minor Bronte, but as a major literally figure in her own right. It is said to be that if Anne Bronte were to live longer, she’d be the second most famous British writer from that time. (“Anne Bronte.” N. p., n .d. Web. 31 Oct. 2013)

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