Anne Bradstreet: The Pioneer Puritan Poet Essay

Anne Bradstreet: The Pioneer Puritan Poet Essay

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Quite atypically for a renowned American poet, Anne Bradstreet was an English-born writer who moved to America in 1630 after enduring an arduous journey (“Anne Bradstreet”). Bradstreet was a devoutly religious Puritan, following the precedent of her father and husband, the most prominent men in her life. Her dedicated Puritan beliefs greatly molded her writings. Many of her poems contain references to sin, redemption, and immortality among other recurrent Puritan topics (“Anne Bradstreet”). Anne Bradstreet’s published poetry collections were the first published works of poetry by an English-American (Eberwein 161-163). Anne Bradstreet was a groundbreaking writer as the first English-American poet of her time; her life experiences, Puritan beliefs, and family greatly influenced her writing topics and led her to accomplish international fame through her collection The Tenth Muse.
While there is no exact date or record of Anne Bradstreet’s birth, it is known she was born in either 1612 or 1613. There is also strong speculation that her birthdate was March 20th due to Bradstreet’s reference to the date on multiple occasions (White 39-40). Born as Anne Dudley to Thomas Dudley and Dorothy Yorke, she grew up in a fairly privileged life (White 37). Thomas Dudley worked as a steward for the Earl of Lincoln. Anne and her family were able to live with the Earl during her childhood until she moved to America (“Anne Bradstreet”). Bradstreet received no formal education, however as The Poetry Foundation reports, “...she received an excellent education from her father, who was widely read... and from her extensive reading in the well-stocked library of the estate of the Earl of Lincoln...” (“Anne Bradstreet”). Her father’s occupation gave her ...

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...Bradstreet’s achievements stemmed from her life experiences, family, and religion: the three topics she knew best.

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