Anne Bradstreet : A Strong Willed But Sensitive Puritan Woman Essays

Anne Bradstreet : A Strong Willed But Sensitive Puritan Woman Essays

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Anne Bradstreet can be considered as a strong-willed but sensitive Puritan woman. Her poetry includes a combination of sarcasm and dispute against certain issues involving the unequal rights between men and women, and sentimental writings about her own emotions. She mostly writes about her feelings towards events going on in her personal life and not so much about politics or social phenomena. She did not write so as to put on a show or to be socially correct, but about her genuine feelings. She writes about being a woman and all the things that come with it, family, love, sorrow and seeking equality. She also incorporates her religious beliefs strongly in her poem as a driving force to reconciliation between herself and God. Anne Bradstreet was an eloquent poet who was able to convey her innermost feelings to the reader through various techniques and diction.
She was aware of the situation of women in her times, especially being a puritan woman. They were restricted to certain modes of behavior, speech and way of thinking. And especially being a woman poet, she would not receive acknowledgement from the poetry community dominated by men. So she wrote about her opinions with not much of an intent to get them published. And even when she realized that they were being published she knew that her poems will be more harshly criticized because she was a woman. In The Author to Her Book she writes “Thou ill-forms offspring of my feeble brain….In critic’s hands beware thou dost not come”. She was already aware that her poems were not masterpieces, so she feared even more for them. Bradstreet was more or so a feminist who didn’t attempt to downgrade men, but to prove to them that women deserved acknowledgment in various areas. Even thou...

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... a similar way. Even though she did not understand it all, she still believed that in the end the joy she will receive will not compare to the pain. It is as if she uses her poetry as a coping method to deal with upsetting circumstances.
Anne Bradstreet uses poetry in various aspects of her life. She uses to express her vast range of emotions regarding her personal experiences. Despite being a Puritan female poet, she did not let anything hold her back from being completely honest and true to her feelings and thoughts. She can be described as a feminist with a twist. While she encouraged the fact that women should be strong and outspoken, she also emphasis her own feminine attributes. She presents herself as both strong and fragile at times in regards to her love for her husband, feeling remorse for deaths in the family or describing her inadequacy as a Christian.

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