Anne Boleyn 's Life And Relationship With King Henry Vii Essay

Anne Boleyn 's Life And Relationship With King Henry Vii Essay

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Known as the second wife of the King of England, King Henry VII, Anne Boleyn’s life and relationship with King Henry VIII and England has and will always be very intriguing in history. According to G.W. Bernard, Anne Boleyn is often presented as a ‘self-made’ woman, rising from lowly origins to the top before her dramatic fall. This is very true for the fact that her marriage to King Henry was done very quickly and it led to the end of the relationship between England and Rome. Unable to produce a male heir and her eagerness to do so ultimately led her to be charged with treason and eventually to her execution by beheading. Anne Boleyn’s life before King Henry VII, her marriage to King Henry VII, her part in the fall out between England and Rome and of course her death will be explained on this research paper.
Born in 1501, although, many historians debate the actual year Anne Boleyn was born in because there is not really any actual information on date of birth and where she was actually born for that matter. Many of them have debated her year of birth from ranging from 1501 to 1507. The debate of whether she was born in ‘Hever Castle’ and ‘Norfolk’ has also been up to discussion. In the book, Anne Boleyn: Fatal Attractions, the author G.W. Bernard cites author E.W. Ives book, The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn; and it states,
Tradition suggests Hever Castle; but Matthew Parker, Queen Elizabeth’s archbishop, who in Henry’s reign had been close to Anne as one of her chaplains, said that she came from Norfolk, so Blickling in Norfolk, the principal residence of her father’s father Sir William, is the most probable location.
Historians have also debated on whether she was older or younger than her sister Mary Boleyn and her brother...

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... he was married to Catherine of Aragon at the time, within the years they were married she was not able to produce a live male heir to the throne. Even though, they did have a female heir, Mary I of England; King Henry VIII was not satisfied with just having a female heir because he wanted a male heir. King Henry VIII believed that God was punishing him with stillborn male heirs because Catherine was not a “virgin” when they married and because she was his late brother’s widower.
As stated before King Henry VIII’s divorce to his first wife Catherine of Aragon leads to the ending of ties between England and Rome, The Catholic Church. The divorce between King Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon, and his wanting to marry Anne Boleyn would lead to him declaring himself head of the Church of England and getting rid of all papal authority after England 's break with Rome.

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