Anna Frank: The Holocaust Essay

Anna Frank: The Holocaust Essay

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Adolf Hitler was a German. He got arrested for doing ilegal things within the government of Germany. After Hitler was free from prison he went back to work in the government of Germany. Hitler slowly made his way through the German government. While worked his way to the top he created laws and changed things to make everything he was going to do legal. Once Hitler made it to the top he started to kill Jews and other undesirables. Hitler wanted all the Jews and all the other undesirables gone he wanted to make them suffer. He had made the plan of the Holocaust to get rid of the undesirables.

The Holocaust was a mass genocide a killing of a mass number of people froma a certain race or group. Since Hitler wanted to kill the undesirables he made camp to put them in and then they would be killed or they would suffer in one way or another. Once a person was killed in the camps they would cremate them so they wouldn't have dead bodies laying around everywhere. People in the camps were killed by Nazi soliders shooting them, being burned to death, starving, or being killed by sickness. A lot of people would die from dieases like scabies. Most people would contract scabies or lice because the camps were very dirty and they were so cramped so sickness spread quickly. Another way of the undesirables being killed were gas chambers. The Nazi's would tell them they were going to take them to shower but in reality they were taking them to the gas chambers tho kill them. People would suffer in the gas chambers because the gas would slowly kill them.

In other areas where Hitler was trying to get rid of the Jews and undesirables he would make ghettoes in very populated cities. The Jews would be forced to move to the ghettoes. Within the ghettoes...

... middle of paper ... to get a number that was like a tatoo. They also had to get rid of any jewlry, glasses, and anything else. Everyone had to get their hair cut and they all got the same thing to wear. Anne's mom and sister were selected to go to another camp because Anne couldn't go due to her having scabies. Anne, her Mom, sister, and the vhanndans all died due to various reasons in the camp. Mr. Frank was the only one to survive.

We learn about the Holocaust because we don't want another mass genocide like the Holocaust to happen again. We can stop it earlier on so that millionsof people who don't deserve to die are killed. We can also take care of people who try to do anything like the Holocaust. We also learn about the Holocaust because it's a very important part of history. We learn about how many people lost their lives due to one person who didn't like that certain race.

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