Essay Animals Should Be Guaranteed Rights

Essay Animals Should Be Guaranteed Rights

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Certain animals should be guaranteed rights under legalizing binding Animal Bill of Rights for example dogs, elephants, birds, dolphins, gorillas, and chimpanzees. If animals do not have a sense of morality, why should they have rights? These animals do have a sense of morality they can distinguish right from wrong and good and bad behavior. Humans are capable of having sense of morality that 's why they have rights, but not all humans do the right things they go and violate laws all the time.
Sixty percent said buying and wearing clothing made of animal fur was morally acceptable. A slightly lower percentage 59% of respondents rated medical testing on animals as morally acceptable. Only 31% of poll participants rated the cloning of animals as morally acceptable. This can or may show that there are inhumane people out there that do not have compassion for misery or suffering of other animals. Considering that they are animals , they are mammals.
There are significant differences between men and women on all the animal morality issues. Men were far more accepting than women of buying and wearing animal fur 73% versus 48% conducting medical testing on animals 69% versus 49%, and cloning animals 43% versus 19%. Differences based on political affiliation were far more subtle. This shows that there is a difference between what men and women and their morality issues. basically there is no right or wrong opinion, since it just is an opinion. On this study men seem to be more inhuman since they do not consider their suffrage and their lives.
Republicans were more likely to state that the buying and wearing of animal fur and conducting medical tests on animals were morally acceptable than Independents or Democrats. Republicans were ...

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...g-term or multi-phase tests can increase the costs of the practice as well. The actual price paid for the animals is also worth consideration; there are companies that breed and sell animals specifically for testing purposes. On eighty seven percent of members are pro for animal rights, and thirteen percent of members are against animal rights.
In conclusion Certain creatures ought to be ensured rights under sanctioning restricting Animal Bill of Rights. In the event that creatures don 't have a feeling of ethical quality, why would it be a good idea for them to have rights? These creatures do have a feeling of ethical quality they can recognize right from wrong and great and awful conduct. People are fit for having feeling of ethical quality that is the reason they have rights, however not all people do the right things they go and abuse laws constantly.

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