The Animal Welfare Act Should Be Banned Essay

The Animal Welfare Act Should Be Banned Essay

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Billions of animals are slaughtered each year for human consumption. In addition, hundreds of thousands of animals are used for unnecessary testing each year. Animal testers are required to report the number of animals that are tested in laboratories. This requirement is known as the Animal Welfare Act . The Animal Welfare Act does not cover certain animals, such as birds, mice, and rats. Up to 90% of all animal testing is done on these three animals with no oversight or regulations. Moreover, the rate of animal consumption by humans has reached an all-time high, which results in the death of billions of animals yearly. According to Noam Mohr, an advocate from Animal Death Count, “8.1 billion land animals died to feed Americans in 2013, [In addition] In 2013, the average American meat-eater was responsible for the deaths of 26.5 land animals [each year]” (cite). These numbers are alarming, and beg the question, what should be done to assure the wellbeing of other animals on our planet? The proper treatment of all animals on earth can lead to a healthier planet for all organisms. Humans ought to stop slaughtering and doing unnecessary testing on other animals. The majority of animals we consume and do testing on have a vertebrate and feel pain. Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated that some animals have a conscious, and are self-aware. Farming animals for human consumption causes irreversible damage to the earth. The consumption of animal meats can have negative effects on the human body. Data demonstrates that the majority of animal tests do not lead to any novel innovation in the sciences.
The majority of animals we consume and test feel pain similar to humans. Humans and the majority of other animals have a vertebrate. ...

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...ment is erroneous because of the numerous contradictions in the bible’s texts. For example, the bible claims that a wife must submit to her husband, homosexuals are immoral, one must not eat cloven-hoofed animals, and rebellious son must be taken to the center of town and stoned to death. Many more contradictions in the bible demonstrate the inconsistencies in overall morality that the bible tries deliver.
Humans ought to stop slaughtering and doing unnecessary testing on animals because animals feel pain and have a consciousness. Farming animals damages the earth, and the consumption of animal byproducts has been linked to numerous diseases. Animal testing may be necessary for better overall mortality, but the majority of animal experimentations are unnecessary. A truly civilized humankind will find a way to treat all animals on earth with dignity and respect.

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