Animal Use For Addiction Science : A Module Will Be Designed By Drs Essay

Animal Use For Addiction Science : A Module Will Be Designed By Drs Essay

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Animal Use in Addiction Science - This module will be designed by Drs. John Streicher, Glenn Stevenson and Edward Bilsky and will be performed at UNE, targeted to the middle- or high-school level. Students will be able to observe ongoing studies in the laboratories of the Principal Investigators that include drug self-administration, drug discrimination learning, place conditioning, tolerance/dependence, and agonist/antagonist interactions, to name a few. We will provide student groups with the collected raw data and work with them on how to analyze/graph the data and interpret the results. We have successfully used this approach in our summer internship programs while providing some basics on experimental design and elementary statistics. In addition, this module provides the opportunity to discuss the ethical use of animals in biomedical research.
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Use, Ethics, Laws, and Safety of Illicit and Licit Drugs – This module will be designed by Dr. Glenn Stevenson and will cover the history and ritual use of plant-based medicinals, up to and including use patterns of modern synthetic drugs, as well as current laws that dictate legal and illegal status of drugs as framed by the DEA Schedule. How the safety profile does or does not inform legal status of a broad range of drug classes will also be discussed. High school students will participate in simulations, role-playing, and cooperative learning activities. One example of a simulation activity might be for students to discuss the scheduling status for a novel drug in which we present sample data from the in vitro and in vivo drug discovery work being conducted at UNE.
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Neurological Disorders - we also wish to “grow-up and grow-out” our neurological d...

... middle of paper ..., we will build upon this plan to include elementary teachers, middle school teachers, and specialized workshops for incorporating neuroscience into non-standard places in the curriculum, such as literature through trade books, language arts through writing, art, technology and health classes since the NGSS are already aligned to the Common Core Mathematics and Language Arts Standards and further reflect the National Health Education Standards ( We hope that by incorporating teachers in this way we can avoid addiction biology and neuroscience being “stand-alone” units but rather incorporated throughout the year in a multi-disciplinary fashion across a variety of grades. Finally, by linking our curricular development to the NGSS, we want to support local systems in meeting current standards and enriching their curriculum.

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